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TV Writer, Futurama, First 4 Seasons Writers’ Room w/ Matt Groening & Simpsons, SNL, Late Nite, etc. writers, actors, animators, producers, execs… and celebrities… plus, the Wizard of Oz parody “Wizzin’!” capping off the 50th episode.

TV Writer, Bravo TV + BluPrint.com, “Six Eats at Six,” world-class broadcast.

OnlineTV Writer, Quanta Magazine & Chorus Films, “In Theory” pitch and script for “Binary Star Death, Black Hole Birth, and Shotgun Wedding of The Theoretical Astrophysicist & Theoretical Mathematician-Brahmin.”

Copywriter, Starz Entertainment Group, 5 years writing thousands of host scripts, copy, interviews, brand, strategy, voice, pitches, cross-promos, original content, bestselling book rebrand-tie-in-tagline, etc… for 20+ platforms, 65M+ audience, the first premium movie streaming service…. Writing personally for Dennis Hopper, Jane Lynch, Pirates, Seth Rogen, Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Ken Marino, Olympians, Scream Queens, Comedians, Sports Stars…

Copywriter, Digitas, Copy, concepts, scripts — Delta Airlines, GlaxoSK, OrangeTheoryFit.

Executive Producer, Content, YP, Brand voice, scripts, etc.. for #1 local search media adco.

Speech & Script Writer, Executive Visions, Inc.’s Major Bank Client (NDA), Under deadline pressure crafted high-profile, high-impact speeches and cinematic spots with The C Suite to boost employee confidence 67%. Major Cyber Client (NDA), Wrote int’l security conference speeches & video scripts. Musical Mega-Producer (NDA), Wrote scripts and videos for celebrities, charities, and heads of state.

App Writer/Developer, Int’l Studio (NDA), Conceived and created strategy, challenges, choices, penalties, rewards, points, dialogue, directions, and descriptive copy. 

Travel Content Writer, Miles Destination Marketing, Researched and wrote 30 travel pieces for Miles’ Great Outdoor Adventures & Discover America, e.g., Quintessential Caribbean, Classic California, and Utah’s Mighty 5.

Writer/Producer, Lucky Dog Filmworks, Created, developed, and produced high-concept, marketable original IP and branded content inc. R&D, scripting, budgeting, pre-pro, casting, production, post and pitch to net execs. 

Freelance Writer, Turner Broadcasting, Wrote On Air promos for TNT’s “Memphis Beat” starring Jason Lee. 

Field Producer, TV Bastards, ID’d long lost family for Belgium’s “Find My Family.” 

Freelance Writer, CDC, Wrote two public-facing, 3-D animated videos for the CDC’s radiation response videos with CDC Health Physicists & Fellows. You shouldn’t ever see them.

Writer/Producer, JFGA.org & Fluid-Films.com, “Heal the World” interviews & vision video for the Women’s Division profound and powerful global mission. Respect!

Travel Writer, World Party Guide, Covered festivals in The U.K., Holland, Portugal, Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, the U.S. of A.

Journalist & Editor, Forest Grove News-Times & Willamette Week (Portland, OR), The State News (MSU’s Award-Winning Daily), Speaker Creatures (rock.com), Matador...

Copywriter, Foundry, AgencyOps, Business Intelligence, CMS, Reporting, Marketing. 

Copywriter, Ignition, Copy & voice for The Coke Zero World Cup Trophy Tour.

Copywriter, DCPCA.org, Rewrote health-equity site for Washington’s inner city, in D.C. 

And… DISH, Gallo, TMZ, NHL, Dr. Phil, TV Land, Alliance Theater, AIMA.org……


Michigan State University, Master of Arts, Journalism, First Amendment Concentration

University of Ottawa, Master of Arts, Philosophy, Biomedical Ethics Concentration

Jacksonville University, Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, English Minor

King's College London, Junior Year Abroad, Philosophy, French, Literature


Mike McCabe

Creative Director specializing in Performance, Branding, Content, Leadership, UX/UI, Video and Mobile

Working with Jason has been an honor. You don't come across his level of talent every day - he’s smart and efficient, clever and creative. His writing and production skills are unparalleled, and he has the curiosity and smarts to figure everything out on his own, keenly aware of potential pitfalls and untapped opportunities. A true renaissance man, Jason's natural way with people and leadership skills make him a huge asset in every way. I'd bring him along for every role if I could.

April 10, 2018, Mike managed Jason directly

Jason Dettmer

‪Broadcast Designer / Owner at Outback Editorial

‪Jason is a blast to work with. He's always full of creative ideas, and able to quickly adapt and maneuver toward what can often be a constantly moving target. No matter how many balls he has in the air, he always lands them all safely, on budget and on time, like an air traffic controller of projects.

‪He's a great writer and is always finding ways to keep honing his craft. And he produces like the wind. He doesn't produce actual wind, no one can do that. Well, wind machines can, but they're not people. Jason is a wind machine. That doesn't sound right. Jason is to producing what a wind machine is to...wind? Ok, he's like a tornado combined with a hurricane...but a really creative tornado and a fun, safe hurricane.

‪This is why you hire Jason to write stuff for you and keep you on track. I highly recommend you do, he'll deliver every time.

‪June 21, 2016, Jason was Jason's client

Jay Musselwhite

‪Creative Director at YP

‪It's seldom that you find someone who always has ideas on tap, no matter the project nor the time of day. It’s even more unusual when that person can write, too. And it’s downright rare when that person is able to masterfully juggle responsibilities along with it all. He’s one of those few that gets it.

August 12, 2015, Jay worked with Jason at YP

Eric Stevens

‪Art Director & Fine Artist

‪Jason's work is continually inspiring. He’s got an innate understanding of what’s needed, and delivers it time after time. And he’s great to work with; always upbeat and fun, even when circumstances are dire. He’s a pro.

‪December 5, 2015, Eric worked directly with Jason at YP

Stephen Baggett

Strategy/Creative/Writer/Producer at EVI

‪Jason has a great sense of how the world works. He observes, listens and quickly grasps the situation at hand to create relevant and insightful ideas. As a gifted writer, putting those ideas to paper is easy for him. You will be rewarded for time spent with Jason as he is fun to collaborate with...always projecting a positive and energetic vibe that generates team momentum...and project excellence.

‪July 15, 2015, Stephen was Jason's client

Ed Peterson

‪Brand Builder and Marketing Technologist

‪Jason is a creative force with amazing chops as a storyteller. Having worked with Jason on branding, social media, video production and product ideation initiatives, I can attest to his skills, patience and perseverance. Jason is a pro with a wicked sense of humor and a genuine interest in serving our customers. This guy is the real deal.

‪April 27, 2015, Ed worked directly with Jason at YP

Holly Bowyer

‪Vice President, YP

‪Jason is one of those creative guys I love working with. He brings ideas to the table and works to make the project the best it can be! He is collaborative & available, focused on the objective and gets the job done on time and on budget. He was a pleasure to work with!

‪April 24, 2015, Holly worked with Jason at YP

Jason Rockman

SVP, Senior Client Partner at Moxie (US) / Engauge

During a significant period of Agency growth, Jason was brought on board to lend a helping hand. He quickly proved himself to be a true asset to every team he partnered with. While Jason was originally brought on to help for a week or two, due to his talent and level of motivation, those weeks extended into several months. Jason is more than capable to jumping into any creative challenge and proving himself a valuable member of any team. I look forward to working with Jason in the future. He's good people.

February 10, 2014, Jason managed Jason indirectly at Engauge (US)

‪Greg Cotten

‪Copy Director at Starz Entertainment

‪Of all the writers I’ve known and worked with over the years, Jason is the most well rounded and versatile I’ve come across. Whether it’s writing copy for a integrated marketing campaign or creating an original, professional-grade TV pilot from scratch, Jason is creative, fast and delivers quality work every time. There isn’t a writing assignment or position he can’t knock out of the park.

‪June 23, 2016, Greg worked directly with Jason at Starz Entertainment Group

Ehsan Abbasi

Art Director at BRUNNER
In ad school we had an exceptional professor no one could impress. He used to say, “Originality died 50 years ago.” I believed that was true... until I met Jason. He’s one of most intelligent/intellectual creatives I've ever got to meet in person. During our time together at engauge, I saw his brilliant work as a writer and producer taking strategy to concept to copy/script. He’s an original storyteller who actually has stories to tell! And he’s extremely competent in broadcast, digital, social, print, etc., capable of seamlessly delivering certain messages or emotions, intact and enhanced! My only regret is that we don’t get to work together all the time. I'm not sitting here hoping our paths cross again, I'm making every effort to make it a reality.

July 31, 2016, Ehsan worked with Jason at Engauge (Moxie)

Teri Anvid

‪Mobile QA Test Lead

‪We had a brand new client and no writer. Jason came in and defined the voice for this account in only a couple of days, it was like he is a utility whisperer or something! Not exactly a sexy topic to begin with. The campaigns he works on have a much more solid and consistent tone, as a direct result of Jason's mad writing skills, I am quite positive that our client will see a major upswing in business.  One additional thing I need to say about Jason, when my day is not the best, I do a drive by to where he sits and I can count on his sense of humor to turn my day around!

August 31, 2013, Teri worked directly with Jason at Engauge (US)

Bill Bowen

Avid and Final Cut Editor / Post Supervisor

‪I had the pleasure to work with Jason on 2 very challenging projects. Both involved a lot of material and a lot of possible directions. Jason was able to organize and focus our efforts to get the jobs done. He brings so much to a project with his energy and creative. I look forward to working with Jason again.

March 20, 2013, Bill worked directly with Jason at Lucky Dog Filmworks

Jimmy Gilmore

Florida Bureau Chief at National Collegiate Sports Archives, LLC

‪Jason is one of the smartest most insightful writers I know. Combine that with his ability to motivate individuals toward a single purpose and you have a combination that's ideally suited for the role or writer/producer or executive producer.

December 15, 2015, Jimmy worked directly with Jason at Fluid Films

Marc Chusid

Executive Director, Creative Services, Starz Entertainment

I first met Jason in June, 2008 at Starz. Jason was the Creative Services copywriter and I was the department head. He won me over with his quick wit and spot-on grasp of creative strategies. His motivation and drive to blend strong creative with promotion objectives made Jason a stand out in the department. He met every challenge easily and generated innovative ideas throughout each project. I found him to be a super intelligent, even-tempered colleague who is compelled to craft each word and at the same time, a big picture thinker. I’ve always admired Jason’s ability to deliver creative while achieving business objectives. He is that rare bird who can own a strategy and massage it into clever copy. He excels as a team player; his presence makes everyone up their game. The guy is a natural collaborator. People want to do their best around him. I whole-heartedly endorse Jason’s ability to make just the right words come from an actor, a voiceover or make your print piece pop. If you are looking for a person who will bring exceptional talent to your endeavor, Jason will get the job done, while he brings that something extra that will make your promotion or advertising great.

Doug Hartling

‪Passionate Marketer with an Experienced Eye for Linear, Non-Linear, Digital, and Multi-Platform Consumer Engagement

‪If it is true that “the pen is mightier than the sword,” then Jason Gorbett packs the power of Spartacus, with a “blade” sharp enough to cut through the tangled miasma of marketing clutter. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Jason while at Starz, and found his creativity and wry wit a welcome respite from the standard marketing copy jargon. He has a keen ear for the right phrase at the right time, an invaluable attribute in an over-messaged world afflicted with short attention spans.

‪December 21, 2015, Doug worked with Jason at Starz Entertainment Group

Paul Suggett

‪Creative Director - Digital at Starz Entertainment

‪A skilled writer with talents in print, web, television, radio and anything else you care to throw at him, Jason has always been a pleasure to work with. He'll throw himself into any job with great enthusiasm, and his high standards ensure that every piece of work is both well-considered and well-received. I would work with Jason again in a heartbeat.

August 25, 2010, Paul worked with Jason at Starz Entertainment Group

Kristin Brogaard

‪Creative Director / Chief Visionary at NEUdesign Company

‪Jason is a very creative, talented writer. His ability to manage several projects at once while giving the best to all is astounding. He has a fun, easy-to-work-with spirit. Great individual and professional!

July 15, 2014, Kristin worked with Jason at Starz Entertainment Group

Suzanne Heintz

‪Art Director, Photographer, Filmmaker

‪Jason is a gem. Not only is he talented, but, he’s a pleasure to be around. Clever wit oozes from his pores. He just can’t help it. His work is, of course, infused with this refreshing and contemporary wit. ‪I had the chance to work with him on several campaigns, and found him to be the essential spark in the creative process of the team. He’s very flexible, and can think on his feet to provide multiple solutions, and offers valuable insights quickly.  He brings something extra to the table. Just having him involved in your project generates enthusiasm, spontaneity, and a sense of creative play that’s missing without him. He’s certainly got my respect. Run, don’t walk, to shake this man’s hand, and ask for his business card!

September 8, 2010, Suzanne worked directly with Jason at Starz

Jason Witmer

‪Senior Producer at Starz Entertainment

‪Immediately upon joining the creative services team at Starz Entertainment Group, Jason Gorbett solidified himself as a premiere copywriter. Jason consistently contributed concepts that not only creatively furthered our linear channels, but our On Demand, Web and Marketing platforms as well. Personally speaking, Jason’s writing experience, and advanced creative thinking, proved instrumental in elevating my creative endeavors.

August 27, 2010, Jason worked directly with Jason at Starz

Rich Canaday

‪Promotions Producer / Writer at AXS TV

‪Jason is an excellent copywriter with a world of writing experience. His writing arrows hit three basic targets; concise, creative, and compelling. He has an unbelievable sense of humor and is willing to work on any marketing level. Not only is he a great writer but he's also a great teacher as my writing has improved vastly from our collaborations.

August 26, 2010, Rich worked directly with Jason at Starz

Steve Belgard

‪Denver Art Museum; Filmmaker; Denver Public Schools

‪Jason is well versed in movies, music and art. He's creative, witty, a great writer and has great energy.

March 7, 2008, Steve worked directly with Jason at Starz

Scott Kirby

Wholesale Account Executive at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions

‪Jason Gorbett is an extremely talented writer - from TV scripts, to movie treatments and books. I've had the pleasure of, not only reading much of his original material, but I have also had the pleasure of collaborating with him in the development of material. His knowledge of story, his creativity, and his relentless work ethic always kept us on the tracks and his efforts and guidance gave the material the edge needed to get noticed. I strongly recommend Jason for anything that has to do with creative writing.

January 6, 2009, Scott worked with Jason at Radicalaxis and Futurama

David X. Cohen

Executive Producer & Show Runner, Futurama

Jason has been a tremendous asset to the show, and can always be counted on to do a great job… he impressed me from the beginning with his hard work, patience and wide range of knowledge… complete pleasure to work with… dedicated, responsible, and honest… I highly recommend him.

May 6, 2001, Jason reported to David at Futurama

David Lake

Head of ETF Sales, UK & Ireland at Lyxor Asset Management

Jason is an outstanding writer and an ideas generating machine. His work is packed with energy and wit, with an unflinching eye for the tragedy and comedy of life. A great guy too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

March 28, 2017, David and Jason wrote World Party Guide together

Christopher Hankins

Audio/Visual Specialist at Rockford Health System

‪Jason is a creative, talented writer. I worked with him during our time at the State News, and I knew him to be somebody with tremendous energy who was always, not sometimes, thinking out of the box.

Since then I have known him as a professional writer and his passion for his work continues. His creativity and sense of humor make for a writing style that is engaging and fun. I think very highly of his skills and admire the energy he brings to every project.

August 30, 2010, Christopher studied with Jason at Michigan State

Jon VanZile

‪Digital Content and Publishing Professional

‪I worked with Jason Gorbett for years and have read a great deal of his writing. He's an excellent and inventive writer with a gift for language.

August 30, 2010, Jon studied with Jason at Michigan State University


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